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Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Mystery Mission #3


so far, you've succeeded in Mission 1 & 2 quite easily
Let's make it more difficult.
this is about mystery google right? So about searching... You need to find a research that leads to ONE & ONLY ONE result (that's called googlewhacking)
Moreover, this research has to be funny.
and to make it more difficult... It has to be done through mystery google (and as you're not the one making the research, copy and paste Mission #1 if you don't know what to look for). Make sure you take a screenshot !
/!\ I don't want any phone numbers, or emails in the research

As this mission is quite hard, there will be a greeting for the winner... leave me your email in the comment section if you want to get the surprise if you win!

Reminder :

Mystery Google Mission #1 : [Google Mystery MISSION]: find thegooglewavetutorials on blogspot, in the Google Mystery Article you'll find your new mission. Copy and paste this for the next user

Mystery Google Mission #2 : Find a Mystery Google Easter Egg and come back here to post it.

1 comment:

  1. Still no one? is it too hard...I'm guessing it is... but I'm gonna leave it like that a couple more days, see how it works out...