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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mystery Google Mission #2

So even more than 20 people have successfully fulfilled the mission... here's the new mission :
look up on Google what is an Easter Egg if you don't know it already.
Then, come back on Mystery Google. Try and find a funny Easter Egg and come back here to post it. The funnier, the better.
The next mission will be posted when at least 12 different Easter Eggs have been found!

If you can't find any more, go back to post the first mission on mystery google, maybe someone else will find it for you and you'll get the new mission.

Mystery Google Mission #1 : [Google Mystery MISSION]: find thegooglewavetutorials on blogspot, in the Google Mystery Article you'll find your new mission. Copy and paste this for the next user

Mystery Google Mission #2 : Find a Mystery Google Easter Egg and come back here to post it.

Enjoy this new mission and come back quickly with a lot of Easter Eggs


  1. I can't believe I am the first one to come back here with an Easter Egg (unfortunately without chocolate haha)
    Let's start with the easiest one :
    1° leave the search bar blank
    2° It answers "Please don't type gibberish
    Is that one you were looking for? :)
    Can't wait for the new mission, I like this game!!! Thank you so much for providing it, I was bored out of my mind :)

  2. If you type in "gibberish" it replies with "well aren't you clever" :D

  3. Type in Rick roll for a suprise.

  4. Ttype in poop and it says mystery google is not a toilet. Type in what is this and it says this is mystery google.

  5. Type in facebook and it takes you there

  6. Write will you marry me and it says no. Type in test and it says it works. Type in hello and it says hi. Write what is mystery google and it says it is the site you are on. Type in google and it says no mystery google.

  7. 10 so far, two more to go... Who will find the 12th one?

  8. if you type in pee, it says your search is too short

  9. If you type in avada kedavra! it says please don't type gibberish...

  10. If you type in Google it says "No MYSTERY Google"
    If you type Mystery Google it says "That is the site you are on"

  11. If you type "what" You get "Type in something interesting."

  12. if you type "mystery social" it says "Yeah, we had to change our name"
    and if you type "mystery seeker" it says "Yeah, we had to change our name. Again"